Takeshi Gouma
Gouma 2
Kanji 郷間 猛
Romanji Gōma Takeshi
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Gouma's girlfriend
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Judo Club
Manga Chapter 378 (mentioned)

Chapter 380 (actual)

Takeshi Gouma (郷間 猛, Gōma Takeshi?) is a third year from the judo club who entered the volleyball tournament. He faced off against Tomo Aizawa and Junichirou Kubota's team in the third round.


Gouma is a large strong teenager with an extremely athletic build, he is called the strongest in the school. Carol (a kouhai) called him 'Gorilla-senpai' to his face.


Gouma was the secret weapon of the opposing volleyball team in the tournament, he faced off against Tomo and Jun's team in the third round. After knocking Jun out he started provoking and taunting Tomo who got really angry, Tomo later scored and won the tournament.

Sometime after the tournament, Tomo and Carol spotted Gouma they both call out to him, although Carol still calls him "Gorilla-senpai", her reasoning being that "Gorilla-senpai" is a cute name. Gouma watches on as Tomo got Carol into a headlock to force her to apologise, Gouma seems pretty embarrassed being given a cute-sounding name.[1] It was later revealed that he has a girlfriend of his age but with a short stature who calls him "Take-chan". Jun was quite surprised at the height difference between the two and even called into question the legality of their relationship, Gouma assured him that he was innocent.[2]



  • Takeshi (猛) is a popular Japanese male given name meaning "wild, ferocious, and frenzied", possibly referencing his strength. Gōma (郷間) is a Japanese surname containing the character for "township" (郷) and "while" (間), together meaning "between townships".


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