Omake 4
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Volume 4
Release Date January 26, 2017
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These are special chapters bunded with Volume 4 of the manga. Featured on the front page is Tomo protecting a young Jun from a scary-looking Misuzu.



Misuzu dodging

Misuzu dodging Tomo's attack

While Tomo radiates her dangerous aura Carol asks Misuzu if its safe to be near Tomo in the state. Tomo says its fine and goes to hit Misuzu which is dodged perfectly. Tomo then says how great Misuzu is at dodging while Misuzu reminds Tomo to stop attacking her out of nowhere. Carol then gets the bright idea to hit Misuzu over the head from behind, which earns her a stern death-glare.[1]

Tomo and Carol spot Gouma-senpai they both call out to him, although Carol still calls him "Gorilla-senpai", her reasoning being that "Gorilla-senpai" is a cute name. Tomo gets Carol in a headlock to force her to apologise, Gouma seems pretty embarrassed being given a cute-sounding name.[2]

Carol calls Kousuke and asks him to come to beach with her. Kousuke regretfully can't come as he is busy that day. Carol then tries to entice him to come by saying that Tomo will be there in her bikini, Kousuke isn't sure what Carol's getting at.[3]

Whilst at the beach Carol asked Misuzu how to split a watermelon. Using Jun to explain to rules she first put a blindfold on him, tied his hands behind him, and then buried him up to his neck. Jun later broke free of his bindings and the sand.[4]

Later at the beach Carol finds a net and suggest they play volleyball. Jun meanwhile is looking straight up at the sky to avoid looking at the girls in bikinis. Misuzu tells Tomo that she should join Jun's team to spend as much time with him at the beach, Tomo is confused but accepts. Misuzu then realises her mistake and accepts her fate. Tomo and Jun are pumped up, a little too eager.
Misuzu attacks Tomo

Misuzu attacking Tomo after the defeat

Misuzu tells Carol that they have to act like they're playing their hardest or their opposition will get mad at them. After asking Misuzu why she keeps trying to get Tomo and Jun together she is hit in the face and plays dead for the rest of the match. After the match ends Misuzu accepts the defeat, barely. Angered by the one-sided match she attacks Tomo going for her top and tries to pull it off. Jun averts his eyes and falls to sand, seemingly playing dead also.[5]

This omake also contains drawings of the main characters by Fumita Yanagida.


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