Omake 3
Omake 3
Chapter Information
Volume 3
Release Date July 9, 2016
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This is a special chapter bundled with Volume 3 of the manga. The first page features Tomo and Misuzu with a young Carol.



Ferris congratulates Carol on making some friends, and notes that the 'big boobed girl' (Tomo) was nice, and that the 'small boobed girl' (Misuzu) didn't seem all that nice. Carol and her mother agree that she is interesting though. Meanwhile elsewhere Misuzu feels a chill.

Sixteen years ago Eddie Olston who is sixteen meets with his girlfriend Ferris in her family café. He explains that his father, the head of a very large company, wants him to move to Japan to study abroad in another two years. He then asks Ferris to come with him as his wife because he won't be able to come back. Ferris declines because she is only thirteen and in two years she'll be fifteen and still won't be able to marry. This answer shocks Eddie, and he breaks down because of this sudden realisation. Ferris then comforts him by asking if it would really be okay to have someone else take her away because of her age. Eddie, now filled with understanding, proposes saying he will postpone his abroad studies and wait until Ferris is an adult. Ferris accepts, but warns Eddie that he would still have to convince her father, who will certainly be upset at this revelation. Ferris then smiles and says that the baby will certainly be happy too. Eddie has another mental blank from another realisation.

This omake also contains drawings of the main characters by Fumita Yanagida.