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Omake 2
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These are special chapters bundled with Volume 2 of the manga. The first page features Tomo with a young Misuzu.



Tomo is embarrassed that Misuzu and Carol have seen her video of her singing that Jun took when they went to karaoke together. She then challenges her friends to sing karaoke too so that she can see them sing. Both Misuzu and Carol sing perfectly, Carol even sings in English. Misuzu and Carol then get Tomo to sing. She still isn't that good yet.

Tomo sees Carol walking with tape on her mouth. When asked what happened Carol just responds with muffled sounds, Tomo asks her to take the tape off the talk. Carol explains Misuzu did it because she tried to kiss her on the cheek.

Akemi is sitting at home watching television, she then feels an earthquake. She speculates that it was only a 3.0 and Gorou will burst in at any moment. Sure enough, Gorou comes in the check on Akemi. When she tells him she loves him he runs away in embarrassment.

The bullies that were troubling Ogawa and both Tomo and Jun beat down come to school speaking formally and dressing neatly. They all greet Jun with "Good day". Tomo notices that they look like the guys that tried to pick a fight with her but Jun reassures her that she's imaging things.

Misaki is feeling down because he doesn't think he is as strong as he should be. When Tomo asks him about it he asks if he was weak, Tomo assures him that he isn't, however she avoids the question of if he is strong or not. Tomo then agrees to help him improve his body, Misaki shows her his stance and Tomo notes that the pressure coming from his upper body is weak. Tomo then says she knows a good sport shop and will take Misaki there. The next day as Misaki is waiting he meets up with Jun instead who came instead of Tomo. Jun then helps Misaki by getting dumbbells with him and having them shipped to his house as they were too heavy to carry. After they finish up in the sport shop they have lunch and meet up with Misuzu. When Misuzu asks how Misaki feels about Tomo he confesses that he's always been a big fan of hers since he was little.