Kanji 小川
Romanji Ogawa
Gender Female
Hair Blonde (bleached)
Black (originally)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Manga Chapter 51

Ogawa (小川 Ogawa) is a classmate of Tomo Aizawa and best friend of Mifune.


Ogawa is tanned and has bleached blonde hair, her original colour being black.



Ogawa, along with Mifune got jealous of Tomo for spending too much time around Misaki-senpai, they both confronted Tomo but she intimidated them too much. After telling the girls that she'd help them get closer to Misaki-senpai they become somewhat friends. Tomo later tries to get them to confront Carol Olston but they couldn't do it, Carol was too weird for them.

In Omake 1 Ogawa and Mifune both notice how much more Tomo looks like a girl when she's around Jun and blushing.

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