Misuzu Gundou
Kanji 群堂 みすず
Romanji Gundō Misuzu
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday February
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Misuzu's Mother (mother)

Misuzu's Father (father)

Professional Status
Occupation Student
Manga Chapter 6

Misuzu Gundou (群堂 みすず Gundō Misuzu) is a supporting character of Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! she is Tomo Aizawa's childhood friend.


Misuzu is a short girl with black hair. She always has a hair band in her hair and doesn't like it being touched or stolen. She is considered to be very pretty by her male classmates.



Misuzu is Tomo's childhood friend and was introduced to Junichirou when they were kids. When Tomo and Jun wanted to go out catching bugs, Misuzu replied that she hates bugs.




They are childhood friends. Misuzu is very possessive of Tomo and is grateful to Tomo for being best friends with her despite her bad personality. She likes to tease Tomo often. When Tomo first asked her help to get closer romantically to Jun, she was supportive despite her possessiveness. She does not regret giving Tomo her support because it helped her develop her friendship with Tomo further. She gets jealous when Tomo spends too much time with other people, particularly Jun and Carol.


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