Misuzu's father
Kanji 群堂
Romanji Gundō
Gender Male
Hair Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Misaki Gundou (wife)

Misuzu Gundou (daughter)

Professional Status
Manga Chapter 310 (mentioned)
Omake 7 (actual)

He is the husband of Misaki and father of Misuzu.


He is shown to be very easy to manipulate as evident when Misaki got him to "woof" like a dog to see the video of Misuzu at the cultural festival.


When Misaki first met Carol she realised that she acted exactly like her husband.[1]

Misuzu's father was overly saddened by the fact that he didn't go and see Misuzu at the cultural festival. Misaki and Misuzu both say at the same time that it was his fault for getting tricked (and believing there was no cultural festival). Misaki then offers to show him the video of Misuzu's play but only if he "woofed" like a dog, he was too eager to do so.[2]


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