Misaki Gundou
Misuzus mother
Kanji 群堂 みさき
Romanji Gundō Misaki
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Misuzu's Father (husband?)

Misuzu Gundou (daughter)

Professional Status
Manga Chapter 299

Misaki Gundou (群堂 みさき, Gundō Misaki?) is Misuzu's mother and was Akemi Aizawa's childhood friend. It is presumed they are still friends. Misuzu's Father and her appear to be currently separated, however Misaki still retains her husband's surname.


Misaki's personality is a lot like her daughter's, cold and distant. Also like Misuzu she struggled to understand how Carol works.


Misaki used to tease Tomo's father, Gorou about his crush with Akemi much like Misuzu does now with Jun. Gorou even told Misuzu not to grow up to be as twisted of a woman like Misaki.[1] As a result of her friendship with Akemi and Gorou, their daughters Misuzu and Tomo became friends.


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