Misaki Gundou
Misaki Gundou full manga
Kanji 群堂 みさき
Romanji Gundō Misaki
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Misuzu's father (husband)

Misuzu Gundou (daughter)

Professional Status
Manga Chapter 299

Misaki Gundou (群堂 みさき, Gundō Misaki?) is the wife of Misuzu's father and is the mother of Misuzu. She and Akemi Aizawa, Tomo's mother, were childhood friends.


Misaki's personality is a lot like her daughter's, cold and distant. Misaki appears to enjoy teasing her husband. As evident by her reaction to Carol, Misaki seems to have issues with people invading her personal space.


Misaki used to tease Tomo's father, Gorou about his crush with Akemi much like Misuzu does now with Jun. Gorou even told Misuzu not to grow up to be as twisted of a woman like Misaki.[1] As a result of her friendship with Akemi and Gorou, their daughters Misuzu and Tomo became friends.


Misaki came home one day after work to find boys sneakers beside her daughter's in their genkan, Misaki then wondered if there was a boy over.[2] Upon entering she was greeted by Misuzu and who she thought was "Akemi", but was actually her daughter, Tomo. She then told Tomo not to grow up to be like her mother, which confused the latter.[3] After a while Misaki noticed the presence of a third girl, and was surprised when 'it' spoke.[4] The strange girl, Carol, then proceeded to loudly introduce herself getting right in Misaki's face. Misaki then pulled Carol off her and announced that she couldn't deal with her weirdness.[5]

After the girls had finished their studying they went to leave, Tomo said goodbye like a normal person, by Carol again got too close in her goodbye. After they left Misaki commented to Misuzu how much Carol is like her dad, Misuzu then agreed – stating that might be why she can't stand her.[6]

After the school's cultural festival Misaki and Misuzu came home to find Misuzu's father, overly saddened by the fact that he didn't go and see Misuzu as Cinderella in the school play. Misaki and her daughter both say at the same time that it was his fault for getting tricked (and believing there was no cultural festival). Misaki then offers to show him the video of Misuzu's play but only if he "woofed" like a dog, he was too eager to do so.[7]


  • Misaki (みさき) is a popular Japanese given name and can be written in many ways, the most common meaning for it is "beautiful", most likely referencing Misaki's beauty. Gundō (群堂) is a Japanese surname containing the characters for "group" (群) and "temple" (堂), together meaning "community building".



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