Kanji 御崎
Romanji Misaki
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Carol Olston (distant cousin)
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Karate Club
Manga Chapter 42
Misaki (御崎 Misaki) is an upperclassman of Tomo's school. She and everyone else in her grade and presumedly below call him Misaki-senpai.


Misaki has a girly face, so much that when Jun saw a picture of him he thought he was a girl until he met him. He has blond hair and most likely brown eyes.


Misaki is a very timid but strong willed guy. He also got embarrassed when he accidentally saw Tomo's cleavage proving that he thinks of her as girl and also that he is respectful of that fact.



Carol Olston

Misaki treats her like a beloved younger sister, something that irks Carol. It is suggested that Carol still has feeling for him from when they were kids.

Tomo Aizawa

Misaki greatly admires Tomo and wishes to be as strong as she is one day. They are both good friends and are in the karate club together, and Tomo is also in the boy's karate club due to the fact that none of the girls want to train with her.

Junichirou Kubota

Misaki is extremely intimidated by Jun as the first thing he did when meeting Misaki was to hit him. Misaki admires Jun's strength though and his will to protect Tomo.

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