Kanji 国期
Romanji Kuni-ki
Gender Female
Age 9 (Omake 5)
Hair Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Manga Omake 5

Kuniki (国期, Kuni-ki?) is a minor character in Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!.


As a child Kuniki had a rebellious look wearing mostly dark clothes. A skull T-shirt with a fishnet over-shirt and ripped jeans made up her outfit. Her messy black hair was done up in a ponytail.

Present-day Kuniki still looks somewhat rebellious with side braids in her hair and multiple piercings in at least one ear. She also wears her uniform with the jumper, but with her top buttons undone exposing slight cleavage.


As a child Kuniki was a bully and made fun of another child simply for looking different. She possibly had some sort of power-complex as she enjoying bullying and always had two friends as backup.

Present-day Kuniki appears to have matured since grade school, not holding any ill will towards Kosuke anymore. She also appears to have easily fallen for him as well, as gathered from her reaction to seeing him.


Kuniki used to bully Kousuke Misaki for looking different. When Kousuke tried to stand up for his friend Carol Kuniki and her lackeys beat him up and left him.[1]


Sometime during the present day Kuniki saw Kousuke on the street and initially didn't recognise him, when he tells her who he is she was surprised at how much he had changed. After he left her two friends arrived and asked why her face was so red.[1]


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