Gorou Aizawa
Kanji 相沢 五郎
Romanji Aizawa Gorō
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Akemi Aizawa (wife)

Tomo Aizawa (daughter)

Professional Status
Occupation Dojo Master
Affiliation Aizawa Dojo
Manga Chapter 10
Gorou Aizawa (相沢 五郎 Aizawa Gorō) is Tomo's father and Akemi's husband. He runs the Aizawa Dojo and trained both Tomo and Jun in karate.




Akemi Aizawa

When Gorou was the school delinquent Akemi's job was to reign him in, he always gets embarrassed an faint when he sees her face so he was instantly powerless. They are married and together have a daughter, Tomo. He doesn't come to the house to see Akemi much, instead preferring to do everything in the dojo because he still faints when he sees her face.

Tomo Aizawa

Tomo is Gorou and Akemi's daughter, he trains her in karate and tells her that it doesn't matter if she's a girl or not she shouldn't lose to anyone.