Eddie Olston
Kanji エディ・オルストン
Romanji Edi Orusuton
Gender Male
Age 16 (in Omake 3)


Personal Status
Status Unknown
Relatives Unnamed Father

Ferris Olston (wife)
Carol Olston (daughter)

Professional Status
Manga Omake 3
Eddie Olston (エディ・オルストン Edi Orusuton) is the father of Carol Olston and husband of Ferris Olston. His current whereabouts is unknown.


He is normaly seen in a suit and has a side slit in his hair.



Ferris Olston

Ferris is Eddie's wife, he meet at a dinner in England, as he was moving to Japan so he asked her to come with him, therefore he asked her to marry him too. At this time he was unaware that she was only 13 due to her huge boobs and that she was pregnant with Carol.

Carol Olston

Carol is Eddie's daughter,

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