The Moment the Reason for Fighting Changes
Chapter 09
Chapter Information
Volume 1
Chapter 9
Japanese Title 戦う理由が変わる瞬間
Romanized Title Tatakau riyū ga kawaru shunkan
Release Date April 15, 2015
Chapter Chronology
Previous Chapter 8
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The Moment the Reason for Fighting Changes (戦う理由が変わる瞬間, Tatakau riyū ga kawaru shunkan?) is the ninth chapter of Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! by Fumita Yanagida.



When Tomo and Jun fight, Jun treats Tomo as a guy then. During one fight Jun grabs Tomo collar and partially exposes her chest, she then turns from being angry and pumped up to fight to extremely embarrassed. They begin to trade blows after this.

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