Once in a Lifetime Misfire
Chapter 01
Chapter Information
Volume 1
Chapter 1
Japanese Title 一世一代の不発
Romanized Title Isseichidai no fuhatsu
Release Date April 7, 2015
Chapter Chronology
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Once in a Lifetime Misfire (一世一代の不発, Isseichidai no fuhatsu?) is the first chapter of Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! by Fumita Yanagida.



Shortly after entering highschool Tomo Aizawa confesses to the person she likes, her childhood friend Junichirou Kubota. Tomo laments about being a tomboy and not being treated as a girl. Jun doesn't understand her confession of love because he thinks of her as just one of the guys and responds with "I love you too bro!" Tomo is disappointed and disheartened as a result.

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